I was thinking one day about abundance, dangerous I know >.<

As I was preparing for Sunday service something just suddenly popped out. I can’t remember what verse it was… sorry… but here is the revelation…

1. There is an overwhelming amount of LOVE (from God)

2. RECEIVE that love and Enter into His PRESENCE

3. His presence gives you an INTIMACY you’ve never known.

4. That intimacy gives you a glimpse of His GLORY

5. In that glory He reveals an UNDERSTANDING

6. That understanding causes you to WORSHIP

7. A life of worship leads to a life of EVANGELISM.

Evangelism, what a scary word, right?!? Just thinking of that word can make your palms a little sweaty, right?! But, here’s the thing, the most impact you make is when you are living your life for God, being real. People can see right through your phony attempts to love them. People can see through your good intentions of trying to BE good. People see you on your bad days. On your worst days. So, let them see that, yeah, you have bad days, but God is always good. That happens when your life displays the same things your mouth does. We don’t want any lip service, and neither do they. People are just trying to figure this thing called life out too. There is an amount of patience and understanding that comes with the job. So, what are you waiting for… get out there!

Leave us a note below to tell us how this is being worked out in your daily lives off the stage!