Build a Ministry: Build on Prayer

Build a Ministry: Build on Prayer

Some things I mentioned during a prayer time (with my team, before a conference) that I felt God was really laying on my heart about understanding prayer:

1. A ministry must be built on prayer.

2. Prayer must be the focal point of every meeting with God.

3. There must be a desperation, a desperation in God as our only hope, a desperation that people must hear God’s word and that we must do His work in spreading the good news, a desperation when we come to God, that we actually need Him here, we NEED to meet with Him!

4. There must be a genuine heart reaching out, trusting fully that God will answer.

5. In response to a true worshipper, someone fully seeking God, there is ALWAYS an answer!

6. God always provides for his people.

7. We don’t always get what we want; sometimes the answer is NO.

8. Sometimes the answer is “wait.”

9. Sometimes we have to wait a long while.

10. It is often in the waiting in which the lesson is learned in order for us to give a proper response to God’s answer. Sometimes God makes us wait because our response to his answer is not quite where he wants us to be.

11. Prayer is often the answer itself. (Sometimes God only wants us to be in communion with him; that is the answer to the question.)

12. I think that often the Lord is waiting for us to truly seek his face, not just as we ask for the things we need or want.

13. It will be in the depths of our souls where we find the true need to commune with our Father.

14. Is he not our Father, that he would not provide for us in our times of need?

15. I didn’t say it on Saturday, but here it is: God’s will is perfect, and we can rest assured that his plans are far greater than anything we can imagine. That is, if God’s whole purpose of the conference is to IGNITE only one heart for him and send that one person out to do his will, the conference will not have been in vain, because the purpose is to seek out his will, and glorify him because he is worthy of our praise!

Amen?! Amen!