Cambodia Journal: Arrival

It is with great excitement that I finally start to “pen” out my journal notes from the Cambodia. I have so many pages, so I am wondering just how long it will take for me to faithfully complete the whole entry for this journal.

Every couple of days I hope to release a new entry from my journal on Cambodia. I hope that you will join me for this whole journey through my trip to Cambodia!

Friday, August 23rd, 2013 (A Written Prayer)

My Dearest Jesus,

I want to trust in you fully. I want to lean not on my own understanding, but on the promise that you are always good and true.

Today marked our departure from South Korea to Cambodia. We took a five hour flight from Incheon to Phom Pen.

Uh, there were by far the narrowest seats that I have ever sat in on a plane. The leg room was more than adequate actually, but I felt quite confined. Once again, being reminded that both white people and perhaps more pointedly, westerners by and large are too big, and are not compatible with Asians in many ways.With that said, we made it there safe and sound to Cambodia just as I had prayed.

Thank you Jesus for taking care of us!