My Life, Your Life: A Story of Redemption

I sometimes, maybe a couple of times a year, just take a look around at the people on my Facebook feed, my Twitter feed, or the emails that have come or gone from my inbox. I see relationships. I see lives. I see people that I have touched and I see people that I have hurt. I see people that knew me when I said I was a Christian, but didn’t understand what that meant. I see the people that know me now, the person that is reaching to be what I was really meant to be. A bit better than the old me, but nowhere near who I want to be!

What I recognize the most in all these stories, in all these relationships, what I recognize in me is the story of grace. These stories of grace that extend far beyond my reach. As I look back at what has become, I am constantly amazed at the story of redemption in my life. I am able to really think about my life as one really big blanket of grace. I am amazed at the revelation that not only is today and tomorrow covered under this blanket of grace, but the past; my mess ups, my mistakes, the hurt I’ve caused, the pain I’ve inflicted. I look at all these people from my life, and there is  an abundance of grace, everywhere. I  see it not only in my life, but in the lives of all these people around me. Whether they ever realize it or not, their lives are covered with grace.

That’s what I want people to see when they come into our service, what I want people who are newcomers to understand when they attend our service. As a worship leader, I want to be able to communicate this incredible blanket of grace that covers us all. I want to teach them about Jesus Christ. Our story should be a reflection of Gods mercy and grace. We should be showing them, that their story is also filled with redemption and grace.

So this week, as you prepare your set, as you put together your musicians, look at your music, prepare for practice; remember the story that is unfolding right before your eyes and how God has graciously invited you to be apart of this story. How He is doing amazing things, and you get to be one of the people to help in His work.

Show them Jesus. Show them grace. Show them the one thing that endures far beyond all else. His enduring love should be the focus of all that you do or say this week and this weekend. On and off stage. Let’s live a story that accurately displays this blanket of grace that we have!

Have a great week and a great weekend living the amazing story of grace that you have!