My Missions Trip Letter (Part 1): The History

Dear Friends and Family,

It may have been a long time since I have spoken to you, and actually even longer since I have seen some of you. I apologize to those of you with whom I have not connected with in a long time. I have been extremely busy over here on the other side of the world. I have some exciting news for all of you! My story here may be a little long, but please bare with me here until the end. I hope that you will be as excited as I am for what God is doing in my life, my family, with my church 3RD WAVE Ministry, and lastly with the music company I work for 3RD WAVE Music.

Korea, Korea, Korea

As most of you know, in the Spring of 2007 I took the long 14 hour flight to Incheon, South Korea. I came to teach English for a year, enjoy some travel, and experience a new culture. I have to say, I did do all those things and more! I got connected to a really wonderful church and people in my home town of Bucheon. It was there that I recommitted my life to Christ and decided that I would follow where ever He leads me. God quickly grew me and worked on me throughout that first year. I really had no idea what was to come. Later in the year I met and got engaged to my now, beautiful wife, Da Hye. With that one event, as with most marriages, my whole life started over. New jobs, new friends, a new church, and new babies. Jumping forward, here we are, almost 7 years later. Still in Korea (which I never imagined in my wildest dreams)!

What am I doing now?

Hey, I am so glad you asked! I AM still teaching English, which I believe God has called me to do for a little while longer. I am quite confident however that I will not be doing that forever (Thank you God). But it is in this role as a teacher that God has opened up my eyes to so many things that He wants me to learn about, work on, people to work with, and generally  things that I should do to take care of His people.

That being said, I have a handful of things that are coming down the pipe, and I will be glad to share those things with you before the end of the year!!!

Now, where was I?!?

Connecting with the kids at my schools these last few years has taught me a lot about Gods heart for this nation, these youth, and my role in it all. And my heart is really been burning with love and compassion for what he has shown me.

He taught me that I am indeed not JUST an English teacher here in Korea, but really a Soldier of Light (our church theme this year check out more at on a mission for His kingdom! I am a missionary right here, right now, right where I am. In fact, God has called me to be a LIFE LONG missionary! Now, to some of you that might seem crazy, but to me, it’s super duper exciting. This is only because God has so definitely changed my idea of what being a missionary for Him entails. Even if I were to move back to the U.S.A to Kenosha Wisconsin, I would still be a life long missionary!

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