My Missions Trip Letter (Part 2): I’m Being Used

The HOW in the equation!

How can I do this while still caring on a full time job you may wonder. Well, God has really opened up doors for me to do this in a number of ways. The last is CURRENTLY the most important.

1. In my classroom

2. Through Music (Leading Worship and Songwriting)

3. Website design/Graphic Design

4. My own business adventures (more coming soon)

5. A Missions Trip to Cambodia!

To be honest, I have been avoiding going on any missions trips for a number of personal reasons. But this year as I began to really ask the Lord what He wanted to do with me not only this year but in the future, he kept speaking to me the word LIFE. Aaron, I want you to show my life to all those around you. I want you to take after the things on my heart, take after the people of this world on my heart. I want you to be life and LIGHT to the nations.

Cambodia is one of the places that I feel a distinct call to for these reasons. Did you know that there are roughly 27 MILLION slaves in our modern world? More than at any other time in history. Did you know that a surprisingly large amount of those people in slavery are children?!? I feel the pull more and more these days to fight for this cause, to teach about this cause, and contribute to stopping slavery and the child sex-slavery trafficking as much as any one person can do through awareness and action.

As some of you may know, Cambodians have suffered greatly in the last century, just the same as many people in this world. But there is something significant about the Cambodians that draws me to them. There was a whole generation of people slaughtered in Cambodia. This has left an entire generation to the task of revitalizing and caring for its country. A people without money, without a lot of education, and generally without Christ.

Why tell you all this?

Last year was the first year our church visited Cambodia. We want to continue to do the work that was started, and see Gods Kingdom explode in Cambodia. I will be on a team that will leaving on the 23rd of August and returning to Seoul on the 1st of September, 2013. I will be going with a team of 7 people to Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh, to minister to the young people at New Life Fellowship, and then to Siem Reap to work with Agape International Missions.

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