Resources: Building a Website Part 2

This is my second post on “Building a Website.” In the last post I really outlined two, of what I believe, are the best options for someone looking to build a website for a “church on a budget.” In this next post I will outline some of the services that are out there that I am a little less familiar with, but seem to be pretty good deals. Of course there are dozens more I am sure, but just some of the more commercial ones I have found. The prices seem to be getting competitive now, and that is always a good thing  for churches or any non-profit organizations starting up or on a budget!

Here we go!!!

1. Bridge Element:


“We create awesome websites for growing churches and ministries.”

And I really believe that they do. One of the problems with building a website is the question of whether you go with a more mainstream company that may not be Christians, or you reach out and support Christian companies that are trying to support other Christian organizations. In this case, I think you would be in good hands to go this route. As far as I can tell, they offer great services for a great price. It’s a $500 set up fee, and $20 bucks a month. After looking around a lot, I can tell you that is not bad at all. After all is said and done, I think if I were going to go for a pre-made, get-it-done-quick-and-easy-but-looks-fantastic website, this is the way to go. Their designs seem real fresh, touts that it is extremely easy to use, and will grow with your ministry.  If you want to see some of their work, check out some testimonials, or just see what all the fuss is about, go over to their website and check it out!

2. Church Plant Media:

They say:

“We exist to expand the reach of the gospel via the internet. The gospel of Jesus is the heartbeat of all that we do. We view our websites as a stewarded partnership in the gospel and all of our partners commit to hold our Gospel Agreement.”

So, again, it’s great to be able to get something that you need, the quality you want, and a price that’s not going to kill your budget for the year. It’s a little bit more than “Bridge Element”, and a little closer to the cost of “Clover sites”. It’s a start up cost of $1000, and then $50 a month after that. That’s not bad, but they could offer a more affordable monthly cost, in my opinion. The thing that I like over all about Church Plant Media is the over all quality of their designs. They might, in the end, not always be the most overly exciting, but they are consistent, designed well, and are just over-all appealing. You can mosey on over and check them out for yourself.

3. Site Organic:

They say:

“Websites the way God intended. Is your website planted in good soil?”

It’s a little cheesy if you ask me, but hey, if you got a good thing going you have a little wiggle room to be cheesy. And, let’s face it, Christians like to be cheesy sometimes. So, on to the good stuff. The pricing is ok, although, it does sit on the high side for all the comparisons I am doing. My only reservation is that often times companies don’t offer an up-front cost, but opt for the higher monthly fees. Usually in that case they are opting to over price you a bit in the long run. They start with a smaller plan for beginner churches, which have much less resources and what-not at $99/month. The second and third tier  respectively are $239/$299/month. You also pay $99 for a basic theme template, or $6,500 if you want a customized theme specifically for your church. Honestly, it’s a little rich for my blood, but you may feel that the cost is worth the product, then go for it. Also, the design quality is so-so for  the amount of money you pay for the custom site. I would expect a little bit better design for that money. It’s really the concepts that are not bad, but the end result leaves a bit to be desired. Either way, you can go check it out for yourself and see if it’s for you and your ministry.

4. E-Zekiel:

They say:

“Moving Ministry. Web, media, outreach.”

They don’t really have a lot to say about themselves. They do have a long list of features that they are claiming to deliver. The price is not bad though, honestly. They start from $12/month to $28/$64 a month. The design schemes look okay. Some of them seem to stick out more than others though. Some of the design seems a little out of date and a bit 90’s ish. But, if you are paying $12/month, and don’t have to build work, or do anything for yourself, you can’t really complain. If this seems like your price point, and you aren’t so worried about the newest looks in web design then this might be for you! Either way, go and check it out if you dare!

5. Radium3:

Labels themselves as:

THE “Complete Web System.”

This option made it on the list because I thought that they had a great product that provided what they say it does. They don’t seem to be a Christian website, and probably aren’t, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth a listen. Their websites look nice, clean, and are great if you have a little more in the bank and want a little less work to do. This option will run you anywhere between $0 – $3500 for the initial design cost. Now, this is great, ’cause you can just use their free platform with basic layouts and be on your way. Or, if you are looking for a design that is a big more unique, and handcrafted to fit your churches style and vibe, then you can use the two other options. As far as the hosting, it’s not too bad. It seems a little steep, but also, one of their selling points is their online store capabilities. This is a feature that will not interest many of you church builders, so, this could possibly be a turn off for you. I would imagine, not having had the chance to use the CMS, that it is rather easy to use, and provides a fast, easy, and nice way to manage your content.

If anything I mentioned perked up your ears, go check it out for yourself!