Resources: Evernote

Resources: Evernote

I was thinking long and hard about the resource I wanted to share with you all first. I mean, we’re all busy, we’re all looking for ways to stream line the amount of time it takes to do work. That  way, we can spend more time with our families. So, I looked to my life, and found the one resource, the one APP that I use on a daily basis! Go ahead and watch the video; I’ll throw in a few more things afterwards!

Now, let me tell you the main things I do with Evernote.

Personally: I use Evernote primarily as a songwriting tool. I have found that it is the easiest way to take notes on the fly, add voice notes with audio clips with vocals and guitar/piano parts. The quality will depend on your phone mostly. It is much much faster than trying to make doc files and having a separate folder for all the audio files along side of it. I can use it on ALL my devices regardless of whether it’s Apple or Android (although the Android version is much wonkier than the Apple one).

Personal Business:  Within the last couple months, I have been using my Evernote account with all my businesses such as this website, both for personal business information as well as shared notebooks to put blog postings and collaborative work into for everyone to see and edit. I can take notes on my phone, on the internet, iPad, MBP, or on a work computer. There are a couple of great applications that partner with Evernote which you can use to keep track of sketches if you’re an artist, or web clips if you’re a web developer or fashion designer. Anything you can think of you can probably do with Evernote. In fact, if there is something you CAN’T do, please tell us in the comment section below, I’d be interested in hearing about it!

With Church/Ministry Work:  I used Evernote to keep track of meeting notes, business notes, etc. I have slowed down on that and have focused more on saving bits and pieces of code for websites, coding changes that I’ve made on those websites, and extraneous files I need to keep mobile for the sake of agility.

I am sure that people are using Evernote for many different things in many different ways in ministry, business, and their personal lives.

Go ahead and leave us a comment below on how YOU use Evernote, if you already do!