That Time I Totally Biffed It: offMISSION Apparently

Remember that time that God handed you, nay, entrusted you with that opportunity to share life with someone and you just turned it down? Yeah, I do, it was literally 5 minutes ago. *smacks forehead*

Yeah, that idiot, that was me.

So, because of my schedule, I’m allotted a certain amount of time to do work, personal work, like writing, working on songs, taking care of websites, etc. Often, in fact, way more often than I’d like to admit that time is after work (10:30pm) for me. The place that I roll into most often is a 24 hour McDonalds near my apartment. They are veeeeeery few and far between in Korea, so it’s really the only place to consistently do work late. But being that it’s Korea, and I am a big white guy, I usually get little more than a few confused stares, odd throw offs, and the occasional hi.

Tonight though, as I waited for my food, some guy asked if I had ordered yet, as he wanted to do so himself and surprisingly didn’t want to cut me (totally lived abroad… cause a true Korean would pretty much never do that… anyways). I grabbed my food and sat down. I actually finished a few bites before my ritual of pulling out my Macbook and headphones ensued.

But different than most nights, as I was about to pull out my work materials, the same man walks over and asks if he can join me. I, with my deer in the headlights look was quite confused, and probably looked like an idiot at this moment. I paused, not sure what to say as this night that I come to work here is usually the only night that I stay out and work late. There is a lot of stuff I wanted to get done tonight, so most of me answered back like this, “sorry, I was actually just about to start doing some work.” He looked at me, quite confused, as if foreigners probably never turn down conversation like this. He replied, “what kind of work?” I, slow to answer say, “writing, website work, stuff like that.” He in jest replied, “Ok, i’m just drunk and wanted to talk to someone.” And without leaving me any room for reply walked off before I could send in my change in answer. WOW, dumb freaking idiot!!! (It’s ok, sometimes you have to honestly assess yourself, right? I’m a HUGE idiot.)

Yeah, I’m a little slow. That’s a downfall of having taught all day, being tired, being a little bit reclusive when I work, and seemingly down right selfish with my “free time.” But, rest assured I did learn from this. So, here is the break down of what I learned in literally the 3 seconds it took for him to disappear from my life forever.

1. If a Korean speaks English that well, I should probably talk to him for a least 30 minutes before I shoot him/her down to do work, I mean maybe at least 10, right?!?

2. God provides ample moments to show us sometimes that we are really not paying attention to what He’s doing, and that we’re completely selfish.

3. His opportunities are at any time, any place, without warning, for any reason. You really have no right to decide when and where He asks you to do His work. If you say that you’ll do it, you’d better be ready to drop anything YOU have planned and do it. Why would He ask you to do anything else if you aren’t doing the day to day work? For me, that usually means, work off the stage.

In short, for anyone who reads this, in Korea or elsewhere, be ready. Tonight, in a matter of mere minutes God taught me that when I think I’m making ground, I lost some. That when I think I’m ready to do His work, I actually am looking to do what I hope He wants me to do.

I sucked tonight. I sucked as a foreigner, as a person, and as a Christ follower.

Please, learn from me and try not to suck it up next time you are asked to be ready!