Cambodia Journal: Day 5:2

Well, we had lunch once again, finding new staff to eat and commune with. We continued to participate and learn about the lives of our new friends and staff at AIM. WE went on to finish our last session at AIM. We worshipped, told our testimony, and spoke of Jesus’ miracle of walking on water.

We closed our time with the children with the story of Jesus blood on the cross, rescuing us from sin, in order to bring us back to him. They were bracelets that represented creation, sin, the cross, death, and heaven. We did this through multi-colored beads. A simple but powerful way to express Jesus to the children who perhaps don’t know the love and forgiveness of Jesus in their lives yet. We then sent them home one more time with a blessing and a prayer that they would know God in His mercy and love.

We were getting ready to leave when the staff asked us to stay for their meeting at the end of the day. We were so honored. It was their house, their kids, their program, but they asked us to participate in their meeting. We were honored and blessed to do so. It was the one last chance to show them love and give them encouragement for the days ahead.

I tried to remind them that every day is a miracle, and that they have to continue to remind themselves that God is working miracles through them and their ministry every day.  They are so precious, both staff and children. Their stories, ones that should be told everywhere. They demand the attention of the outside world. They demand to be heard, and lives made new through the help and aid of outsiders.

We left them with love and see you laters! I handed the guitar off to “S” and left her with hope for a better tomorrow. Sometimes our words can be meaningful, sometimes they seem contrived, but I hope it was a bit of life I left behind. Something small we left, but a piece of us that had helped us to worship and sing joyfully our whole trip unto the Lord. Now it was going to sing more tunes, in a different tongue, to the same great God.

Through Christ all things are possible.

In Cambodia, God is doing what most people call impossible.

Through Christ, the staff at AIM is doing the impossible.

They are reminding us that there is hope where seemingly there is no hope. That there is always love in the midst of chaos and destruction.

This is their story, and Jesus is their hope.

To another year of Jesus working in Cambodia and at Aim, Amen!

I say YES, and AMEN!