Last Thoughts On Cambodia

As I look back and evaluate so many things, I can’t help but look at different churches, especially ones that are doing well, I can take away a few things from my observation of them. This happens to be both in Cambodia and elsewhere.

1. They are willing to do things differently than others. Not for the sake of merely doing things differently, but because they have a unique set of people and a unique calling within their community or city. They are not afraid of their uniqueness and are not afraid of how people will be afraid of how they do things. They are good at communicating their vision and goals clearly.

2. They are solely concerned with communicating the gospel, and will use what ever means within the confines of scripture and calling of the leaders to reach people. They do this in a way that does not corrupt or change the message of Gods’ word, but also in a way that is effective in reaching people where they are.

3. They are willing to let go of personal preferences in order to place the needs and desires of reaching the people around them first. This is big to me because the more time I spend around Christians the more I see people who hold tight to their preferences as tight as possible. But our greatest example was Jesus who said to the Father, “Not my will but yours.” How could we not be willing to give up our preferences when called to move them aside in order to accomplish the goal we were sent for. The bible says,”I knew you before you were” and “all your good deeds have been planned out ahead of time.” Paraphrases of course, but you get the point. You were thought of for this moment, for these people; not for yourself, but so that you may reach the nations with the the good news of the gospel.

4. They are totally and completely willing to sacrifice for the people around them as well as their community. Part of this sacrifice is outlined in number 3, but in other ways as well. Money, time, space, gifts, etc. Give of what you have to the people who need it most. Elevate others above yourself so that the full measure of the gospel may be preached and reaching to the ones who need it the most. There is always someone who can reach people that you will not be able to reach. Set them up for success, not for years of having to get around you in order to live out their calling.

I don’t think you could ever underestimate the value of reaching the people in the community around you. The people of Cambodia have shown that you don’t have to have a lot to effectively reach people. All you need is a passion for Gods’ word, a passion for seeing the Holy Spirit moving mightily amongst and for the people. That changes lives. It is only by the grace of God that one could be self sacrificing and ever pressing into His calling on your life.

I didn’t want to come home and lose everything I’ve gained from my trip. I don’t want to lose my perspective on my life and my calling. My identity in Christ that was further revealed by my time in Cambodia. I want to be filled with a passion and zeal that cannot be quenched by any amount of worship or action. I was made for worship, WE were made for worship, and more importantly the worship of the One True God. And that’s what I want to do, worship God in what ever form necessary, being able to usher people into the presence and the safety of the King of Kings. I want to positively encourage the act of knowing God more intimately as we wait for His soon coming Kingdom to invade earth!

I look forward to the day that I get to see Jesus face to face. He is wonderful and awesome in His majesty and glory and holiness. Worthy is He who sits at the right hand of the father. He who is seated upon the throne is Holy Holy Holy. Amen