Making Changes: Learning to Refocus

It seems that each year we come upon twist and turns that we undoubtably take in a positive manner or in a negative manner. The way we take these twist and turns often comes from the plans that we have been making and the way we feel things should go. And we all know that old saying, “wanna make God laugh, make some plans.”

To be honest, I feel like I have been in this type of situation perpetually for quite some time now. In fact, some months back we made some changes in our leadership, and have restructured the way we are going to be leading and working for at least the next year. In the process of doing so there was a lot of miscommunication, and I unfortunately missed my chance to ask God what He was doing, and instead let it make me upset because it was threatening my image of what I should be doing, and how I should be doing it.

One of the great things about having a coach, i.e. your pastor, watching over you is that they (A) carry the vision of the church. Although we make decisions as a leadership team, you are usually functioning under the vision of the lead pastor. (B)allow you to be stupid every now and again, aaaaand then they usually kindly real you back from stupidity and into the reigns. and (C) Give you a glimpse of the bigger picture that you can’t currently see.

I mean, that’s three great reasons anyone should have someone to look out for them. I started to think about it though. How many opportunities have I missed out on in my life due to my unwillingness to step out of my own shoes and into an others.

The thing that I am reminded, as I actually finish up this post not even remotely close to the day I stared it is that God is the God of second chances. In fact, He’s the God of 3rd and 4th, and even 5th. Probably more, but I thought it would be redundant to keep going, you know?!

So, new path, new light, new understanding, new structural insight, new chance to view things in the hindsight… it’s just all changed, but in a way, nothing has. The more we understand that we are to come along side what God is doing, the less we see adjustments as changes, but merely a refocus. When I refocus I don’t take my eyes off what I was focusing on, I merely zoom in and out until I see the thing that I need to see in focus. When we focus on what we want, things are always changing. If we focus on what we see God doing, and where He calls us to come along side of Him, it’s never a change, just a refocus.

So, have you felt like there have been a lot of changes, or have you been zooming in and out a lot lately? Let’s refocus do some refocusing together!

Let us know below how and what you are doing to let your life be filled with refocuses and not changes!