Personal Worship: In the Quiet Place

Personal Worship: In the Quiet Place

In the last couple posts we talked about prayer and how it is of utmost importance in our preparation for our time of corporate worship.

Another thing that can’t be lacking is personal worship. Before there can be corporate worship there must be private worship.

I have to be honest: I  kind of suck at that.

I could give you a handful of reasons, and to be honest they seem like really good reasons. The problem is, there is nothing that can replace that time of private worship. There is nothing that you can do to make up for losing it.

Last year I was just going through the motions. When I was at church I really meant everything that I said, but it became really hard. It started to become scary again. Worship was frightening, to be honest. I was always afraid someone would call me out on my poorly-prepped worship sets, lack of musical direction. The thing was, no one really did. I could have kept going like that, but thankfully I had some good conversations with my pastor, and we took a step back.

Now, I am not telling you that you should, or even can, step back a little bit. It’s really nice though if you can. It’s really nice if you can step out completely every once and awhile. You have to be able to gain perspective again. Also, it allows you to just focus more on private worship as opposed to spending overly large amounts of time preparing like I should have been.

Your tip today is to try and ease off the pedal a little. Your private worship is more important that your corporate. If you are blossoming in the private aspect you will, generally speaking, flourish more in your corporate worship.

1. Simplify your sets; take out a song or two.

2. Simplify your arrangements.

3. Make sure you are playing songs that your band has down. Like, locked down.

4. Take a week or two off to just step back and evaluate. Don’t be afraid that you will be replaced in just a week or two.

5. Lastly, you have to be very purposeful in protecting your private worship time. Really protective. This will not only help you technically, but will carry you through all the troubles you have in your life.

Make Jesus number one like he should be!

What do you think? What helps you get back into a regular rotation of persona worship time with the Lord?