Resources: Wunderlist 3 (updated)

This weeks resource is Wanderlust 2 WANDERLUST 3.



For those of you out there who like to be organized, or those who should be; which let’s be honest, that’s all of us! Wunderlist 3 is for you. And as someone who has tons of deadlines, projects, and has to remember to do stuff like “buy some milk on your way home” this App is often indispensable. If you haven’t yet, check out the video posted above from the Wunderlist 3 website!


Wunderlist 3, like Evernote, is a go-to App because of its versatility. You can use it on the web, your computer (MAC and Windows), and your phone (iOS or Android)! What I am trying to say is that you can use it anywhere for pretty much anything. Like I said before, there is always so much stuff going on, but not always a place to get it done. A lot of times I write up a list for something but I forget it in my other jacket, my other pants, my other bag, etc. This kind of versatility makes sure that you stay on schedule regardless of your placement or how readily your forgetfulness reigns!


Another thing that I like about Wunderlist as a to-do app is that I have used it for almost anything. I have taken down notes for groceries (useful for anyone whose spouse sends them on multi-task errand runs)! I have also used it to keep lists of things to pack for a vacation. I use it for worship set lists, or to keep track of what changes I need to make for clients in my website design business. Something else that I like about the newest version is the ability to add people to tasks, create conversations, and general sharing abilities. I am not sure if that was in the original version, but seems like a great function for those who want to make sure that group tasks get updated and finished!

Wrap Up

If you are trying to find a way to keep organized that promises to keep you updated on any device you use throughout the day, with versatility for any kind of list, Wunderlist 3 is the App for you! I don’t get paid for this, so, you know I’m not lying!

Site: Wunderlist 3