Cambodia Journal: Day 7

The last day of my journal for Cambodia. Seems a little sad, but it did take me six months to finally finish it up, so with no further ado, day 7.

Today was another day that we had to explore and really get to see and learn more about Cambodia. We woke up late again. met to pray and decide what to do for the day. We decided to go to the Russian market place, so we grabbed a tuk-tuk and headed to the market.

When we arrived we grabbed a bit to eat. Then we walked around the market looking for clues as to what we were
supposed to do. We prayed over idol worship because there are little shrines everywhere, whether for ancestors, worship, or good luck in their businesses.

We didn’t really see much around the market and didn’t particularly  feel called to do anything, so we grabbed a tuk-tuk out of there. We arrived at a Palace near the river front, but decided not to go in b/c we didn’t want to support the cause of the Palace. We were right not to go in as we did a prayer walk around the Palace we came across the Daughter of Cambodia information shop.

I personally love these ideas and want to continue to support then when ever I have the chance. Using business as a means for social change. Using enterprise, businesses working to end social problems and make change in their own and other communities. They not only sell merchandise and give money to the cause, but they employee those taken out of slavery to provide them a choice for tomorrow. Teach them skills, give them a steady income so that the next step may be made for them. Working, in the case of Daughters of Cambodia, is to take these women, men, and children out of slavery.

I think I’ve learned a lot about what I want to do with our clothing company as I see what’s going on here. Yes, it has been in the works for so long now, and now it’s all starting to make more sense. Prayer and relationships will continue to be sown and developed for this idea. But Cambodia has really helped me to understand why this idea is here in front of me and some ways that I can go about bringing change for those in need in the world. I really have a heart for what they’re doing here in Cambodia, and how they’re changing lives with their work. I mean, as you are here, you can physically and spiritually witness changes occurring. It’s pretty amazing. God is great and mighty to save!

We proceeded to finish  our prayer walk around the Palace and eventually get back to the hotel. We took a short rest and packed back up so that we could head over to New Life Fellowship’s youth worship again. When we got there all the faces we knew welcomed us like good friends. I think I will miss this, this life in the youth. You don’t often get to see that in Korea. The youth seem much different in many ways. A lot of it is that wester mentality that we have. The kids in Korea are not wanting, therefore they act in much different ways. In a lot of ways, they lack joy. For many various and heart wrenching reasons. Another time though, another time.

Everyone kept asking if we would see them again on Sunday, and of course our glad response was, “Yes, we will.” Tonight they had their normal service with worship, a little preaching, some games, and then they ended the night with a dance competition.

I have been inspired and pushed to the edge emotionally while here in Cambodia. God has allowed us to see the worst of worst, yet come into His presence in such a sweet sweet way. We can be glad, joyful as we board the plane tomorrow because there are so many people here that we look up to as leaders in their communities, churches, schools, and families. They are leading the way to God with no fear and with no respect for what their life is.

“For it has been bought with a price.” So they live as if they have nothing to lose, because they know that Jesus has won everything. And so I finish up here with simply an AMEN.