Coming Back From a Fall; How to Say I’m Sorry

I have this habit of doing stupid stuff. That never happens to you, probably not right? You have morals, values, and ways of treating people. The funny part about that is that there is almost always a moment where you are tested, tried, and ultimately found lacking. Lacking a lot.

It’s a blessing to have worked at one job now for over three years. That might not seem to long to most people, but when you’ve had the types of bosses as I’ve had in Korea, that’s a long time. Over the three years I have tried to do things that would glorify God while at work. I mean, selfishness is a really hard habit to break, and one that takes a lot of patience to work out of. What I mean is, I’m not finished at all.

I used to only make choices, choose feelings, and react based on how something made me feel. How I would come out of a situation. And to be honest it’s hard not to react or respond like that. Sometimes I felt I needed to react a certain way because it was affecting my wife negatively (we work together, by the way). I always felt like I had to stick up for her, she’s my wife. She’s beautiful, loving, caring, compassionate, and easy to manipulate and walk all over sometimes. So, what husband wouldn’t try and help.

Recently, I had a hard time at work. Not only am I a teacher (instructor), but I am also the Head Instructor for my school. A job that I don’t take lightly, even if I am not always the best at it. I am learning how to communicate with people more effectively, work through problems, and really learn to be humble, even if I don’t want to be.

You see, sometimes it takes the hard road to show you how God works.